Buck's Trains Unlimited
Real stone products for model trains.
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About Buck's Trains Unlimited

I started Buck's Trains Unlimited in 2002 when I could not find someone to repair and up grade my own train stuff. So I learned from hands on experience on how to do up grades and take "toy" train cars and engines and put kadee #5 couplers and coupler pockets along with metal wheel sets to make my train equipment look more realistic and operate better.

Then in 2004, I started to make my own railroad ballast from real virgin rock mined in Pageland, SC! Then in 2012 I answered a group topic on Yahoo HO train group about track ballast and said I make my own from a rock quarry. Well, I got an email from Scott Geare about sending him a sample and then the idea of making HO ballast came to be in production sizes and I told Scott to give me a few days and I get back in touch with him and in a few days, I found I could not only make it in mass production but, I could and did make my own screen table to make HO scale train ballast for the model train industry. Now I make real railroad ballast for HO, N, S, G, and O scale. So with Scott's help and trial and error, we talked and got it right and we asked other modelers to try it and give us a report and all the reports back was that this is good stuff and wanted more once I got to making more and so now I have a rock crusher and made my own screen table with vibrations to make all the scale sizes listed above! We screen it demagnetize it wash it and demagnetize it a second time and then we bag it in 2 pound bags. An that is the rest of the story.

We now get our rock from a rock quarry in NC.